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Scottsdale Real Estate Company


Many of us dream of having our own house in Scottsdale, Arizona. And with it, we also dream of shopping for our own furniture, installing our own chicbaranda (It’s a bar in a veranda, I made it up), mow our own lawn, and maybe even raise our very own family. Buying, owning, or leasing a house had always been a part of growing up. It’s a phase in life all of us are bound to go through – an item required to unlock a new level. As they say, you’re never really independent up until you officially leave your parents’ home. Think of a house as a new beginning – a whole new life that’s going to be all about you and the people you choose to be with.


However, buying a new house in Scottsdale, Arizona is not that easy. Unless you’re a daughter of a filthy-rich businessman or the first-born son of a family belonging to the “untouchable” class of society, getting your own house – even just a tiny one – will cost you a few years’ worth of salary. And mind you, the cost of furniture, embellishments, and other interior materials are yet to be included. If you’re waiting for someone to pass you a land title, don’t count on it. The cost of living these days is so darn high that even your own grandparents will sell their properties off to people who can afford them. It’s really wishful to think that they’ll hand-it-down to you for free.


So don’t just wait. If residential prices are high now in Scottsdale, what more do you expect in the future? If there’s any one way our society isgearing towards today, it’s up. The prices, too, will just go up, up, up! Before you know it, what seems super expensive now will become impossible to buy in just a few years’ time. Don’t let it get to that point. Invest now, be rewarded later. Now is the time you should be living your life wisely, resourcefully, and conveniently.


Lucky for you, we won’t let you go on a property hunt alone. Because if there’s anyone more capable of selecting the perfect house in Scottsdale for you, it would be us! Because we are one of the top real estate companies in Scottsdale. We’ll help you choose a dwelling that meets any (or all!) of these characteristics:

  •  1. Convenient Location
  •  2. Baby or Family Friendly Neighborhood
  •  3. Reasonable Pricing
  •  4. Caters Several Modes of Payment
  •  5. “Instagrammable”
  •  6. Practical Investment
  •  7. Big Potential


But hey, we’ve been talking a lot about buying houses yet totally skipped the introductions. Let me guide you through a brief rundown of our company – the who, what, where, and when’s – and several fateful reasons that encouraged us to help house-hunters like yourself. Here we go!


What’s a Mark & Terri Anyway?


It’s not about what a Mark and Terri is but rather who, Mark and Terri Antonio are. These two marvel people have dedicated their lives to helping, promoting, and encouraging people to buy their own houses and to invest in real-estate properties in Scottsdale when they have the chance (and capacity) to do so. Mark being a licensed real estate agent with a keen eye for detail and Terri having extensive knowledge and expertise on matters concerning business management – these two are simply unstoppable. Add Noel Larson to the mix, whose passion lies in helping people find their dream homes, this team is heaven sent.


Mark & Terri is a company founded and run by the couple to further advance their mission of bringing Americans closer to home – literally. The company believes that with the right guidance, any person can own a property that fits his or her needs perfectly. Houses, big or small, can become a home with the right touch-up and vibe. Mark & Terri has an eye for these things and they’re not confined to brokering houses alone. They can also do acreage, estates, waterfronts, golf courses, view lots, town-homes and even resort-inspired infrastructures! What, with Mark Antonio spearheading the business, you can expect ground-breaking property transformations!


What Makes Mark & Terri Completely Different From Other Scottsdale Real Estate Companies?


“Hey, I could consult with another Scottsdale real estate company if I wanted to. Why should I stick with Mark & Terri?”


That’s true. You are free to go around and look for another Scottsdale real estate company to help you with your property search. We are definitely not stopping you from doing that. However, if Mark & Terri takes pride in anything, it would be our strong heart for service. Our business exists not just for profit but to genuinely help people find their own perfect place.


We’re man and wife. And it has always been our dream to have our own house. To live together, laugh together, and spend time together after a strenuous day at work without having to worry about rent or mortgage payments. We made this dream a reality. And we believe that this is a dream you would want to come true for your family as well. This is why we have dedicated our life’s work to make it happen.


Where and When Can You Contact Mark & Terri?


You can practically reach us 24/7! Well, not that we’re awake all the time but our website sure is ready to give you year-round service. We’ve developed our website in a way that is convenient to use and easy to navigate. You can basically go around the entire website without getting lost since the pages don’t go too deep. We also have a page for all the properties we currently have on sale as well as step-by-step guides for both sellers and buyers who’re looking for nuggets of real-estate wisdom.


Planning to loan a property? No biggie. Just click on the “Financial Tools” button we have on the drop-down list under the “BUY/SELL” tab. You will see a loan and mortgage calculator that can help you compute your yearly instalments in different interest rates. This’ll help you come up with accurate estimates of what you’ll be paying for the property and base your decision on what best fits your budget. We also have a table there for the average mortgage rates U.S. banks use nowadays and we constantly update it to maintain accuracy! Loaning a house doesn’t get any better (or easier) than this!


If you have a question or two that our website alone cannot answer, you can also contact us directly through our office number and e-mail. You may also leave your question on the pop up form we have on site and we’ll get back to you shortly!


Again, WHY RENT WHEN YOU CAN OWN?Contact us today to learn more about the Scottsdale real estate properties that are currently available!

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